Elle Ay

Ordered 9pm on Thurs, arrived before 5pm the next day! Amazing.

I was not expecting it to be as good quality for the low price, but it is great. It doesn’t have a seperate cover like some of them do but it’s all able to go in the wash. Lovely soft velvety fabric, probably weighs about 5kg so not so heavy that you can’t move under it. Nice and warm, but you could still use it with a duvet if you wanted.

My autistic son had first try and fell asleep within ten minutes. 😳👏

When I managed to pry him out from under it to try it out (it is my birthday present, after all!) it took me right back to being a kid, lovingly tucked in tight by my mum at bedtime.

Actually made me quite teary, it feels so comforting and melted away all the tension I didn’t even know I was holding in.

One downside: it is very, very hard to wrench yourself out of your comfy cocoon, so I am glad I have all this lockdown time to enjoy it to the full.